Taste of London


Pedrino Spritz attended the Taste of London festival at Tobacco Dock so we grabbed the opportunity to create some great new content for both the long and short term.



Our team documented the event through Instagram stories and our videographer captured new content for future use in social posts and paid advertising.

1,538 people clicked to shop


2,267 engagements

Seasonal cinematic content for use across social media


Vermouth & Tonic Pedrino Spritz


Taste of London event


We captured a large bank of strong brand images and high-quality videos showcasing the full Pedrino Spritz product line and the new Spritz Cocktail range. We also documented and distributed a series of engaging videos surrounding the event and Christmas festivities.

To round off the event we promoted our event highlight reel to new interest audiences to raise brand awareness, harnessing the buzz from the event’s reputation.





Follower Increase



Taste of London attendee enjoying Pedrino Spritz


Soello was hands-on throughout the event, a strategic process followed by creative output for our brand and the Taste of London event.

Sam Showering, Founder

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1st of April 2020

Say hello to James. James joined Soello end of last year as Digital Marketer & Advertiser.

James previously worked as an account manager and data analyst at various companies, developing expertise in analysis, trend spotting and client relations. Prior to Soello, James also spent six months traveling across India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

James develops, analyses and manages our online campaigns across all channels. Through analysis and trend spotting, James can inform our clients, strategists and content creators how to better align content and campaigns with the audience you wish to engage with.

When James isn't working, you'll find him with friends watching Liverpool play at his favourite pub, The Artisan in Frome.


Nurturing Your Audience

1st of March 2020

Social advertising is a great way to reach out to new audiences and nurture their journey from discovery to conversion. Just as with a traditional business funnel, it’s important to have an ‘always on’ approach to bringing in new customers, to keep topping up your pool of potential customers at the beginning of their journey, as you move others down the pipeline.

-> On average, only 2% of customers complete a purchase on their first visit to a website. It’s down to retargeting to convert the other 98%

When a large audience learns about your brand or product, it’s pretty unlikely that everyone will be genuinely interested in what you have to offer. So, refine your audience by people who engaged, or clicked to your site. Delivering a second advert only to people that you know are interested in your brand will boost your odds of getting ‘add to carts’ or purchases.

-> Cart abandonment rate is currently an average of 79%

By defining an audience by certain actions performed, you can ensure you’re sending them relevant messages. Say, for example, 100 people visited your website and added an item to their cart; you could retarget these people with an advert reminding them to complete their purchase. You could even offer an exclusive discount or deal to incentivise the user to follow through and make a purchase.



1st of February 2020

In August 2019, as our team saw new growth, we welcomed Mary to the Soello family as our Content Creator.

Mary graduated from UWE with a degree in Graphic Design and has worked at a number of digital agencies in London and Bristol, honing her skills in print, web and digital.

Mary creates, delivers and manages social media content, and designs visual campaigns that entice and inspire audiences across all digital platforms.

When Mary isn't working hard on your content, you'll find her with friends drinking a G&T somewhere in Stokes Croft.