Pedrino Spritz


Pedrino Spritz briefed us to develop #ThePerfectSpritz identity, raise consumer awareness and drive purchases amongst their key audience groups.



We created an elegant, ‘Med-chic’ instant experience aimed at Pedrino Spritz’s target audience across Facebook and Instagram and adopted an ‘always on’ approach to build interest, engagement and familiarity with the brand. We consistently re-engaged users, unexpectedly whisking them away on a grand tour of the brand using compelling content and new product releases.

1500 average daily engagements


Curated social media content

Cherry received 68% of the 2,436 votes


Cherry Bakewell cocktail


Highball Tonic event


We reached over a million potential new customers who would be interested in the brand based on behaviour, algorithmic data and test and learn phases.



Average Daily Reach


Engagement Rate


Follower Increase



Pedrino Spritz botanicals


Soello is very hands-on, a strategic process while remaining creative by following our brand guidelines.

Sam Showering, Founder

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1st of February 2020

In August 2019, as our team saw new growth, we welcomed Mary to the Soello family as our Content Creator.

Mary graduated from UWE with a degree in Graphic Design and has worked at a number of digital agencies in London and Bristol, honing her skills in print, web and digital.

Mary creates, delivers and manages social media content, and designs visual campaigns that entice and inspire audiences across all digital platforms.

When Mary isn't working hard on your content, you'll find her with friends drinking a G&T somewhere in Stokes Croft.


New Home

3rd of January 2020

Late last year we moved into Gather Round, South Bristol, a co-working space built by creatives, for creatives. We are now extremely happy to be part of this thriving community allowing us to work shoulder to shoulder with like-minded people.

Visit us at:

Gather Round,
The Cigar Factory,
127-131 Raleigh Rd,


Quality Content Control

2nd of January 2020

Content for advertising campaigns needs to be of consistently high quality and should be shown to reflect the same tone as your brand. Being consistent with your content means you're committing time, resource and strategic thinking to your campaign, which in turn allows you to create a process that will be proven and improved over time. By developing a clear and consistent strategy you are crafting a compelling brand story that will inspire your chosen audience.

At Soello we're trying to encourage more ads across Instagram stories. Instagram stories to run social ads are a great way to creatively inspire your audience. The first few seconds of your ad matters the most, in 10 seconds or less, you can influence and entice your chosen audience to take action depending on the quality and consistency of the content you are presenting them with. The most effective ads include the branding in the first 3 seconds and convey a brand’s key message in a quick, easy to understand and attention-grabbing way.

So, get creative and look at other brands for reference when delivering your Instagram stories ad.

A few stats to back this up:

-> People consume content 41% faster on mobile than desktop so it’s important to bring your most exciting frame to the front.

-> Get playful with framing and speed. 98% of people use their phones vertically so it’s important to build ads to match how people consume content.

-> Find a balance between message and time. Ads under 15 seconds work the best in feed, and top-performing stories ads work best under 10 seconds.