Ways of Working

1st of August 2020

The future is flexible, and we are finding new ways of working.

As the times are constantly changing, so does our work environment. Today, the future of work is a lifestyle of personal preferences and for some, personal choices.

The normal working environment sees the lines between home and office life blurring.

Now people are seeking more comfort and flexibility where they possibly can, whether that be in laid back co-working spaces that offer respite in cosy break out spaces, or setting up a desk in your spare room and making the rules as you go. Whatever your work situation may be, it’s becoming known that businesses are slowly learning how to adapt to the flexibility of the modern-day worker.

The scale of this new shift is unprecedented, but what we do know is the world of marketing is changing, and we are learning to make better use of what we have in order to achieve the same results. We are learning to disperse our workload efficiently across team members with less communication and using this time as an opportunity for growth and new ideas.

When life and work start to go back to (the new) normal, it’s important that agencies work towards an office culture that works best for everyone. Whether you’re back in the office or still WFH. We’ve compiled a few tips for easing into routines and reimagining boundaries.

1. Accept that boundaries might blur

Prioritising a few tasks that you are set to complete each day can relieve pressure and help you create momentum for the next day.

2. Take care of yourself outside of work hours

Make sure you’re practicing self-care routines and making time to speak with friends and family.

3. Disconnect

Spend some time off social media or devoting some time during the day to do something unrelated to work.

4. Lighten your workload

In order to have clarity of thought and a calm mind. Don't try and do everything at once.

As Coronavirus has forced us to rethink the way we work, the remainder of 2020 can be used as a chance to set new, positive boundaries for yourself and your work life. It might be helpful to focus on the small changes we can make to our day that will have a healthy impact on our long-term mental health. The best thing we can do to move forward is to get comfortable with the present moment.



1st of November 2020

Levi is a big part of the Soello team as Photographer & Videographer.

Levi is a Bristol-based filmmaker with a background in music visuals and modern short form. His previous work includes Glastonbury Festival, Arcadia Spectacular, Boomtown Fair, Established & Sons, c-ll-ct-v-ly and more. His debut documentary short ‘Strongman’ is currently in the finals of a competition panelled by renowned cinematographer Roger Deakins.

In Levi's spare time, you’ll find him in the kitchen cooking up good food for his friends or family or at his local pub ‘The Oxford’ in Totterdown. His favourite spots to eat in Bristol are Bosco Pizzeria, Jeevans Sweets and Victoria Park.


Social Dilemma

1st of October 2020

The Social Dilemma recently landed on Netflix, and millions of us have tuned in to take a peek behind the curtain at the inner workings of social media companies, and the social impact they can have, have had, and will continue to have on users and the wider world.

While the show certainly shone a light on some of the more nefarious tactics used by these companies to stay relevant, stay super profitable, and more importantly stay on your phone’s home screen; we can't neglect the amazing opportunity social media has presented to us all too.

2020 has been a tough year, and the miracle of the internet and social media has helped friends and family stay connected from a distance through lockdowns and periods of isolation. It has been a blessing for so many, and we want to be a part of everything great about social medias ability to connect, entertain and inform.

So we’ve set out a few of our values, some guidelines we strive to stick to to ensure we’re using this opportunity ethically and responsibly.

-> We’ll only target users responsibly.

With the power to reach millions with our messaging comes with responsibility. We won't use it to promote contentious topics or irresponsible behaviour.

-> We’re here to build positivity...

...not create tension and divide. While the show highlighted that polarising content consistently gets higher engagement, we don’t want to be a part of stirring negative emotions for anybody, ever.

-> We won’t prey on insecurities to sell products.

We’re not here to influence anyone through a negative experience. We want to do so through excitement, positivity and great initiatives - and that comes with only being part of projects we truly believe in.

We’re here to tell brands’ stories, to share great ideas, spread the word for causes we want to rally behind, and use our platform for good and good only. That’s our promise to you, and every person on the other side of the screen that we reach with our content.


WIP: PR Dispatch

1st of September 2020

We've been working with Peckham based PR outift, PR Dispatch to help them extend their unique offering of simplified PR to forward-thinking small business owners in the U.K.

We've been getting creative with our advertising through video content, testimonials, and one-on-one chats with the founder, Rosie Davies, to nurture their audience and take them on a fully-fledged journey of discovery.