Lessons: Sprout Sessions
Posted 30th of January, 2018

We listen in on Sprout Socials interactive workshops and share what we found useful.


10 Sessions. 5 Days. 1 week of LIVE smart, strategic social discussions. Here’s an insight into what we found was useful during the digital conference ‘Inspiring Action’.

Social Media for Social Good

March of Dimes is an American nonprofit organisation that works to improve the health of mothers and babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

Lauren Gebhardt and Leigh-Anne Lefurge discuss the importance of reviewing your brands mission, core values and manifesto before sharing posts. Does your audience understand these? If you can’t articulate your content then neither can your audience. Sometimes it may feel as though you aren’t reaching your audience, or you may just be reaching some of them. Use this as an opportunity for telling a story that reaches your target demographic.

Remember that you don’t have to create everything yourself, you can use ‘user generated content’. Tapping into this is a big part of their social strategy. Discover people that are already talking about you through hashtags or mentions—this is important to share because you are using their voice to amplify your brand.

Lessons: Create core values; a brand manifesto and a brand mission. Stick to them.

Create Engaging Content Online That Inspires Action Offline

The Museum of Ice Cream reminds us of our childhood fantasies with an Instagram that looks almost good enough to eat. MOIC is designed to captivate your sweetest fantasy and to remind you that these immersive spaces really do exist.

Madison Utendahl, Head of Content and Social talks us through MOIC's interaction with consumers externally through physical spaces and digitally via social media, newsletters and their website. For MOIC ‘Action’ does not exclusively mean ticket sales. It's about reminding people of the value that human to human connection can bring.

Their digital presence encourages their audience to visit the museum, buy tickets, engage with fellow ice cream lovers and foster a community. A large percentage of their audience hasn’t actually visited the museum before, but their hyper vibrant visuals amplifies the MOIC experience making it impossible for any ice cream lover not to feel digitally connected.

Lessons: Imagination is your greatest tool. Use it.

Current Customers: What Have You Done For Them Lately?

Sprout’s speaker, Joe Sargent successfully launched the Instagram for CoorsLight, worked with Miller Lite and the NASCAR programme. Now the brand manager for Effen Vodka, he shares what strategies he uses to interact with their current customer base to help build loyalty and increase ROI.

He has four main reasons to use social media to maintain customers. First of all; stay relevant. Engage with your customers so that they think about you and share your content. Inform your customers; this may be a new campaign or to show off new work—a video etc. Finally, give your brand an authentic personality and use this consistently!

With this is mind, there are also four rules when using social media. Number one; content should tell your whole story, it should represent what you stand for and what you are. Secondly; people consume with their eyes, make the visuals stand out. Thirdly; you only get 3 seconds (max) as people are scrolling, so make it count! Most importantly; do stuff you’d be excited to show others.

Lessons: Authenticity is key.

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