News: Meet Planning Ventures
Posted 12th of April, 2017

We've teamed up with Planning Ventures to develop a fresh social media campaign.


How do property planning consultancies utilise social media channels? Here's how we're teaming up with Planning Ventures to make their bright brand stand-out in an otherwise corporate scene.

We’re excited to be working with Bristol-based Planning Ventures - property planning consultancy built by two-women, Julie Laming and Lyn Jones. Mixing their passions for great design and problem solving, their positive outlook and experience makes Planning Ventures a strong team in a prominently male industry.

Our overall aim with Planning Ventures is to create an influential property development brand across social channels; a brand that industry professionals can come to for advice, news and assistance, making Planning Ventures a key trustworthy figure on the scene.

By showcasing previous projects and the challenges they helped overcome to property planning advice that would otherwise be part of their consultancy packages, Planning Ventures are able to offer something of use to those who are looking for help.

Having recently launched a new website (designed by Creative Cadence), it’s as a good a time as any to start a new digital marketing campaign. Alongside digital graphics and quick tips that can be shared directly to social media channels, the updated website has given us the opportunity to post more lengthy articles that give an in-depth insight into issues, property laws and advice.

In order to get all this information to the right audiences, we’re utilising Twitter, LinkedIn and their mailing lists to run monthly campaigns that can quickly be adapted and updated to flow with the ever-changing world of property planning and development. Due to the fairly niche themes of the content, these channels are the perfect spaces for us to distribute content to a much more targeted audience organically (specifically B2B) than other social networks.

We’re extremely pleased to be working with such a great company that’s driven by passion and the desire to help others. Keep an eye on our future campaigns with Planning Ventures by visiting their Website, Company LinkedIn and Twitter profile.

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