Lessons: 'Live Your Work Dream'
Posted 28th of September, 2018

Live your work dream by following tips from Bristol's business leaders.


Our Founder, Eleanor joined a panel of female business leaders in a discussion that explored the ways in which you can achieve your work dream. Here are a few of the highlights.

Aimed at all sorts of business models, from start-ups to those with 'side-hustles', PeoplePerHour's 'Live Your Work Dream' event was a source of inspiration for anyone looking to inject passion back into their work life. Led by a strong panel of female leaders, including our founder, Eleanor, Emma Summers (founder of Juice Recruitment), Nicky Spear (MD of Sustainable Kitchens), Faye Dicker (co-owner of Freelance Mum), and Emily Kent (director of One Big Circle), it offered a slick insight into how business leaders manage to balance work and keep a positive attitude in order to enable growth and nurture success.

The talk addressed a range of issues regarding the workplace, how you can balance your work and life hours, how to create a team that fits in with your work ethos. What was important about these responses was their uniqueness, highlighting a certain creativity available to all in creating a better environment to spend the day.

As the discussion flourished, the talk turned towards how taking risks and setting yourself up for challenges can have positive effects on your business. It was enlightening to hear, for example, how Nicky Spear from Sustainable Kitchen left a well-paid job to pursue a more fulfilling role that better suited her lifestyle, attitudes and beliefs despite the risks involved. Emma Summers of Juice Recruitment shared a similar story that stemmed from the realisation that she felt stuck and unstimulated in her career choices; instead she took a risk, and with limited resources launched Juice in a small office in Bath some twenty years ago.

For us, the talk certainly gave us plenty of inspiration and enforced our mindset that we're dedicated to develop and strengthen Soello. We're lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with so many businesses that, like us, are following their passions, taking risks and trying to carve their own way; so for that we believe we are living our work life dream and will continue to do so.