News: Meet Pedrino
Posted 28th of September, 2018

Marrying classic tastes, we're on a journey to create the perfect #PedrinoSpritz for any occasion.


A contemporary classic - Pedrino are reviving the likes of sherry and port with their punchy and tantalising all-natural spritz collection.

Pedrino are the latest member of the Soello fold. Merging tastes from drink cabinet classics, they’ve created a premium all-natural spritz brand that’s as diverse as it is flavoursome, suiting hot summer days in the mediterranean to cool winter afternoons in a idyllic English countryside hotel.

Founder Sam Showering is no stranger to the drinks industry; in fact, it’s in his blood. Sam’s grandfather Francis Showering invented the legendary guilty-pleasure Babycham and later acquired a string of popular household drinks brands. Sam’s rich history and expertise in the industry certainly shows in Pedrino; he’s perfectly blended premium spirits and handmade tonics for a refreshing classic that pairs immaculately with modern lifestyles and contemporary cuisine. Next time you see a bottle in a bar, hotel or shop, we recommend grabbing a few for yourself - but of course, always drink responsibly.

We’re incredibly excited to have this pioneering brand on-board, and can’t wait to share more with you. To learn more about them and to check out the content we’re busy creating as we speak, visit their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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