News: Meet Mala Living
Posted 5th of February, 2018

We've joined Mala Living to improve values, consumerism and ethics through social media.


Mala Living offers ethical and sustainable products that connect customers to the power they hold in driving the transition to a more sustainable future. We are helping them become established online.

Mala Living's aims are to repurpose gifts, connect with values, prevent mass product manufacturing and change the psychology of consuming.

Mala Living is hoping to to tap into consumers emotions and habits when asking to buy from them. The aim is to create change for good not for a brief moment in time.

Having only launched at Christmas, we will be jumping straight in by creating campaigns to introduce Mala Living to the digital world. Alongside social media, email distribution will give Mala Living the opportunity to reach out to their current following in order to share an in-sight in to their long term goals that involve; landfill problems, cultural problems & consumerism—can we change shopping habits?

Mala Living's ethos and ethics will be at the forefront of any Social Campaign that we'll produce. Due to the determination of ethical change, we hope these digital channels will reach a wide audience in order for more consumers to consider a more sustainable future.

Keep an eye on our future campaigns with Mala Living by visiting their Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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