Yena Global

A global network of young entrepreneurs brought together through the potential of social media.

155% Increase in Audience Engagement
42% New Traffic Driven to
40% Network Increase
823 New Users to from Social

Web Traffic 2016 (new users): 542

Web Traffic 2017/18 (new users): 3588


Soello’s approach was to utilise and deliver a consistent strategy alongside engaging content. The result drove traffic to YENA’s monthly networking events across the globe.


Facebook: /yenaglobal

Twitter: @yenaglobal

Instagram: @yenaglobal


Digital Strategy Digital Management Insights & Planning


The idea of ‘always connected’ signals the ongoing support the YENA Association offers to young entrepreneurs and ambitious individuals.

We produced content that was informative and inspirational. Visual assets combined content from YENA events and externally sourced local and global information. By delivering educational and resourceful content, the fan base continued to seek support from YENA which created conversations across all social channels. By Soello continuing online conversation, YENA is able to have personable relationships with their follower base, creating personal introductions between businesses and young entrepreneurs.

As YENA continue to launch in other cities across the U.K. Soello has been responsible for reaching out to groups of young entrepreneurs and ambitious individuals that could join the YENA network. The valuable content we delivered to location-specific audiences led to a sell out of Networking Events across the UK.


"When building a business, it's often easy to neglect valuable marketing channels. Soello have been awesome in delivering regular, relevant and engaging content to our audience, helping to drive traffic (and ultimately business) to us".

Ash Phillips, Founder


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