North Somerset Tennis Academy

A community tennis project that's serving social content to encourage to take part and stay active.

A Unique Visual Identity
Managed Social Channels
Content Generation
Encouraged 30k in Development Funding

NSTA Sign Ups (July 2017): 24

NSTA Sign Ups (July 2018): 274


North Somerset Tennis Academy approached us to help build and launch their venture, starting with brand development to managing social channels and creating story-telling content.

Website: nsomersettennis

Facebook: /nsomersettennis

Content Generation Consultancy & Mentoring Campaign Management


When Stuart Bannerman, Founder of NSTA approached us, the tennis academy was just a few thoughts written down. Stuart had a lot of exciting ideas and a strong ethos behind his vision but needed some guidance and assistance to get things started.

To begin, we created NSTA's brand identity. We relish an opportunity to create a brand from scratch, and with Stuart's ideas, we came up with a colourful and professional identity that certainly attracts the whole community, including children.

We then set-up and launched a Facebook page. Our main aim was to minimise the amount of maintenance for NSTA. We invited friends of NSTA members and started to spread the word amongst our peers. We then updated the Facebook community with daily news just as you would with friends and family.

In addition to this work we created professional imagery and video to promote NSTA on Facebook. The video content showcased the essence of the programme with all ages and different abilities involved. This allowed NSTA to reach a wider audience including attracting funding from Sport England and the local authorities to develop the public courts.

Now, a year down the line, NSTA is growing rapidly and has become a staple part of the local community. It's drummed up enough attention to receive further funding which has gone towards improving the courts, enhancing everyone's experience of the game, including the local community.

It's been amazing to watch NSTA go from strength to strength; we can't wait for the next step.


"Soello has been with North Somerset Tennis Academy from the very beginning. Their work and overall contribution to the set up of NSTA has been so valuable and played a major role in our development.

Soello have a forward-thinking approach to marketing and business. This has enabled us to develop and reach a wider audience. They have also helped us establish links with many local businesses, resulting in sponsorship deals, contributing to the success of our coaching programme".

Stuart Bannerman, NSTA Founder


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