Node Living

Co-living startup re-imagines living and community values through eminent campaigns.

1,300 New Users (month 1) to
75,000 Impressions (month 1)
35,000 Reach (month 1)
25 Enquiries (3 day campaign)

Soello's brief was to increase the enquiry rate through our creation of social media campaigns for New York, Dublin and Los Angeles co-living schemes by Node Living.


Facebook: /nodelivingglobal

Twitter: @nodeliving



Campaign Creation Insights & Planning


Node Living is co-living with a difference. Their mission is to re-imagine community living where residents connect, meet and collaborate locally and globally, "we hope to alter how people live and bring back lost community values".

Ahead of the launch of New York, Dublin and Los Angeles schemes, Soello was commissioned to help broaden peoples knowledge of co-living and attract potential residents across the globe.

Our strategy was fairly simple. We were insistent on gathering as much information as possible to create the 'typical Node resident' persona. We used specific audience targeting alongside creative content across a range of campaign goals to create brand awareness and attract enquiries.

Our initial ad campaigns were run across Facebook and Instagram channels. Once traffic was driven to, a retargeting campaign was activated to continue to reach those who had engaged with the website.

The results exceeded our expectations. We continue to work alongside Node Living to assist in the future launch of their schemes across the globe.



Max Pattar, Marketing Manager


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